“This is Nazi f***ing America”: Woman challenges neighbour over swastika flag flying in front of his home


A woman who challenged her neighbour for flying a Nazi flag outside his home was abruptly told “this is Nazi f****** America”.

Page Braswell filmed the man, who she said she recognised and previously thought was a “decent guy”, as she confronted him outside his house in North Carolina.

The gripping footage has surfaced online as tensions continue to flare across America in the wake of clashes involving white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville – which have left one woman dead and 19 others injured.

In this video footage, before she speaks to the man, she also claims to have spotted he has a Donald Trump sticker on the back of his truck.

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Then when she speaks to the man, who says his name is Joe, she asks “why do you have a Nazi flag up?” – to which he replies “what’s it to you?”.

Page Braswell filmed the man as he was confronted outside his home in North Carolina
(Image: Facebook/Page Braswell)
She challenged him over a Nazi flag outside his home

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