It took one man 30 minutes to find the circles in this puzzle – can you beat him?


We all know the internet loves a good brainteaser, and the latest one to hit Facebook has proven very popular.

The puzzling image, which looks to be made of lines and rectangles in various shades of grey and black, doesn’t appear to contain any curved lines or round features at all.

But users are asked to count how many circles there are – which is somewhat confusing.

Nicholas J Johnson, an Australian author and entertainer, shared the image on his Facebook page and confessed it took him 30 minutes to see through the rectangles and spot the circles.

It can be done and once you see them, you won’t be able to unsee them…

Can you see them?

Nicholas often posts brainteasers or images on his page, but this one has really taken off.

He said: “How many circles are hidden in this picture?

“It took me literally 30 minutes to find them.

“The Coffer Illusion works because our brain groups the grey, black and white lines in different ways. They can be grouped into rectangles OR circles.

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