Sunday, February 18, 2018
OxyContin maker to stop promoting opioids, says it will no longer market opioids to doctors. Drugmaker is fighting hundreds of lawsuits accusing it of using deceptive methods to sell the addictive painkiller. View News From Source
Senator seeks admin records on Trump's sale of mansion to Russian View News From Source
The 11 cities most likely to run out of drinking water - like Cape Town View News From Source
Foxconn unit to cut over 10,000 jobs as robotics take over View News From Source
North Korea says it is unable to pay U.N. dues, blames sanctions View News From Source
CIA calls report of $100K payment to Russian "fictional": The CIA is pushing back against reports that American spies attempted to retrieve sensitive documents from a shadowy Russian, and were offered documents alleging compromising information about Donald Trump. View News...
Schools that ban hijabs or fasting will get Government backing if they face backlash, says UK minister. View News From Source
Equifax says more private data was stolen in 2017 breach than first revealed View News From Source
Revealed: Trudeau government welcomed oil lobby help for US pipeline push View News From Source
A Tokyo Public Elementary School is under fire for adopting $730 Armani Uniforms for students, triggering criticism in a country where hefty school fees are already burdening young parents. View News From Source