Vitamin C deficiency linked to leukaemia: Nature study


Okay, it’s a chipmunk — not a mouse. But this little blighter isn’t putting himself at risk of leukaemia like his lab-mouse cousins are. Picture: Mike/Walker, M & Y

AN apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a glass of juice could keep you out of a cancer ward. Research involving mice has linked vitamin C deficiency to leukaemia.

It’s not the first time low vitamin C has been tied to serious health issues.

“Since the times of Captain Cook, it has been widely known that dietary intake of fresh fruit and produce is essential to prevent scurvy, the disease associated with vitamin C deficiency,” says ays Associate Professor Steven Lane at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute.

Now two new studies published in the science journals Cell and Nature have figured out how such a deficiency also damages the body’s ability to suppress blood tumour development.


“Low vitamin C levels are linked to higher death rates from cancer and early clinical trials using…

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