US Presdient blames Charlottesville reaction on media.


As demonstrators in their thousands rallied outside Trump’s rally, he claimed there ‘weren’t many’ protesters. Picture: AFP/Laura Segall

DONALD Trump’s first campaign rally since a violent Charlottesville, Virginia, protest organised by white supremacists led to three deaths has left the world gobsmacked.

As Trump supporters and protesters in their hundreds clashed in scuffles and shouting matches outside the Phoenix convention centre, the US President told the faithful inside there was nothing to see.

He claimed there weren’t many protesters outside: “And just so you know from the secret service, there aren’t too many people outside protesting,” Trump said.

“That I can tell you.”

There was just one problem.

That was quickly called out by CNN, which blagged: “That’s not quite true.”

Putting the number of protesters in their thousands, CNN reported: “There are indeed many protesters outside, as CNN has been reporting for hours. Our correspondents said there…

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