Trump blasts ‘dishonest media’ as campaign rally in Phoenix ends in chaotic scenes with police firing tear gas


Police fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters as a Donald Trump rally ended in chaos.

Thousands gathered outside a convention centre in Phoenix, Arizona, where the President held a ‘campaign’ rally despite being begged not to by local officials.

Mayor Greg Stanton said Trump had “poured gasoline” on racial tensions in the US recently and asked him to postpone his speech until a later date.

But the President wanted to rev up his base after he was left politically isolated over his response to deadly violence at a far-Right gathering in Charlottesville.

Outside the rally, a huge crowd came to voice their anger at Trump and shouted “Shame!” at those who queued for hours to get in.

Trump blasts the ‘dishonest media’ at his rally

And it was a largely peaceful demonstration until the speech ended and police urged a handful of remaining protesters to disperse.

With what appeared to be little warning, officers then fired tear gas.

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A spokesman said some in the…

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