Royal chef hits back after people work out the Queen technically ‘binge drinks’


The Queen is officially living her best life – and why shouldn’t she?

She’s a 91 year-old great-grandmother who’s worked for the vast majority of her life, lived through one World War, been shot at by a lone gunman and had audiences with 13 Prime Ministers.

Yet according to a retrospective by The Independent for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012, no matter how hard a day in the office she’s had, HM’s alcohol intake has never varied.

Her cousin, the late Margaret Rhodes, to whom the Queen was said to have been close to, revealed what it is our monarch imbibes daily.

As you’d perhaps expect, she’s not exactly going through bottles and bottles of Lambrini – but nor is she abstemious.

How much the Queen drinks.

The Queen will have her first drink before lunch, which is very continental of Her Maj.

The Queen’s cousin reportedly shed some light on her alcohol intake

Not for her a simple gin and tonic, either. Instead, she takes a gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon and a lot of ice.

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Dubonnet is a sweet, aromatised wine-based aperitif with 15 per cent alcohol by volume, so it sounds like a punchy combination. Hopefully lunch includes a decent amount of starchy carbs.

Up next is the glass of wine which accompanies her afternoon meal.

A royal chef has hit back at the reports though

Then, in the evening she’ll have a dry Martini and glass of champagne from brands like Bollinger, Lanson, and King.

Much has been made of the Queen’s daily alcohol intake, which amounts to six units.

The NHS’ guidelines state that men and women who drink regularly should consume no more than 14 units a week.

If you tot up the Queen’s reported intake, that amounts to 42 which, according to Drink Aware , constitutes binge drinking in a woman.

While there’s been widespread fascination at the notion of the Queen enjoying four strong and rather high-rent beverages a day, former royal chef Darren McGrady has cast some doubt on these claims.

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The Royal family

He told CNN the monarch doesn’t drink four cocktails every single day. “She’d be pickled if she drank that much,” he said. “All I said was she likes a gin and Dubonnet. That’s her favourite drink.”

Either way, if the Queen wants four cocktails a day, then who are we to say she shouldn’t

Asda Partnership

Grab one a bargain at Asda

Good news for Her Majesty and fellow gin fans down at Asda, where Gordon’s is currently on offer at £18 for a 1L bottle.

They also have Dubonnet in stock at just £9 a bottle.

Avoid getting royally drunk by pairing your glass with another of the Queen’s favourites in dark chocolate.

These recipes for ginger bites and a caramel and chocolate tart would no doubt get the seal of approval.

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