Mum loves all her 57 kids but only two are real with brood of ‘reborn’ dolls who she sleeps with and teaches piano


A mum has spoken candidly about her devotion to all 57 of her children – even though only two of them are human.

Silvia Heszterenyiova, 43, who lives in Sydney, Australia, is birth mother to Veronika, 24, and Sofia, 20.

But when her biological daughters treated her to a lifelike ‘reborn’ doll, who she named Isabella for her 40th birthday, it triggered an insatiable maternal instinct.

Now Silvia is ‘mum’ to 54 other reborns, including ginger-mopped Demi, who likes to go on trips to the beach, and Toby, who she takes out skateboarding.

Other dolls practice the violin and piano – sometimes busking in the street – and enjoy meals out.

Silvia, who runs a reborn nursery, where she repairs and sells reborn dolls to other would-be reborn mums and dads, sometimes sleeps with them, tucks them in at night and takes them on special days out to the cinema and park.

Silvia, Sofia, Veronika and her original reborn doll Isabella

Some of the girls…

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