Meet Bonnie The Seal, The Slightly Freaky Mascot For Glasgow 2018


The official mascot for the European Championships in Glasgow next year has been unveiled, and she goes by the name of Bonnie.

The grey seal, who is the next in line to represent the city at a major sporting event after Clyde the Thistle (Bonnie and Clyde, geddit?) did his thing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, was proudly launched today on social media.

But, as is often the case with people on Twitter, they had a lot of thoughts.

Not all of them complimentary.

There were some dark depictions.

Though some did champion Bonnie as a bit of a feminist icon.

While others just focused on her looks (sigh).

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If you want to know more about Bonnie the Seal’s backstory (why wouldn’t you?) you can check out her story here.

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