harrowing accounts of survival in official report


Senior naval officers involved in the crash between the USS Fitzgerald warship and a cargo vessel near Japan have been relieved of their duties and several others are facing punishments. Graham Mackay reports.

Stories of survival from the USS Fitzgerald paint a harrowing account of the moments after it collided with the container ship ACX Crystal off Japan. Picture: AP

SOME sailors on a US destroyer were so tired they didn’t even wake when the bow of an enormous freighter burst into the room alongside them. But they had mere moments to survive.

Just hours before a second collision killed 10 sailors aboard the USS McCain off Singapore earlier this week, the US Navy released a detailed account of the events leading up to — and following — the deaths of seven aboard the USS Fitzgerald off Japan in June.

It tells a tale of shock. Of terror. Of a frantic race to survive. And this was all before an epic struggle to keep the warship afloat.

Like a can opener, the bulbous below-water bow and overhang ripped through the destroyer USS Fitzgerald’s thin hill. Source: USN

Like a can opener, the bulbous below-water bow…

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